Guide – Secret Project Amsterdam

Venue & Hours

Middenweg, 72
1506 PR, Zaanstad

Event Hours

FCKNG Serious with Boris Brejcha
Friday 21 October: 6PM – 1AM

Secret Project Festival
Saturday 22 October: 12PM – 11PM

How To Get There

IMPORTANT: there are limited / no trains running between Amsterdam and Zaandam.

Due to construction work at station Amsterdam Sloterdijk during the week of ADE, there are limited / no trains running between Amsterdam Central station, Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Schiphol station and Zaandam station. If trains are running, there will be limited capacity available.

Both on Friday night and Saturday afternoon there will be no trains running between Zaandam and the direction of Amsterdam. Therefore, we decided to set up a shuttle bus service between Amsterdam Central Station and Secret Project Festival (Hembrugterrein). See ‘Shuttles’ for more information.

We encourage everyone to choose environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Traveling by bike from Amsterdam is the easiest way. You can use the ferry ‘Hempont’ to Zaandam.

Bike ride to the ferry:

  • From central station its a ± 30 min bike ride.
  • From Amsterdam Sloterdijk only 20 min by bike.

The ferry operates every 20 min and 24/7. See timings below:

  • From Hempontplein to Zaandam (festival) at :00, :20, :40
  • From Zaandam (festival) to Hempontplein at :10, :30, :50

Follow the signs to the designated bike parking area on ‘verdedigingspark.”

Zaandam is not accessible by train and therefore there will be a shuttle service between Amsterdam Central Station and the festival site. Departure at Amsterdam Central Station and get dropped off in front of the entrance! Please find information regarding boarding below.


Boarding location: Amsterdam Central station – Bushalte Ruijterkade West
Navigate to: Ruijterkade 6 (Hostnet), Amsterdam
Google Maps location: 9VJW+V6 Amsterdam
Running times Friday: 17:45 – 02:00
Running times Saturday: 11:45 – 00:00


Make sure to buy your ticket in advance, because the prices will go up on the day of the event.


For the people that park their car at Q-park Hermitage there will be a shuttle available from bus stop Houtveldweg/Station to the festival site.

Boarding location: Q-park (Zaandam station) – Bushalte Houtveldweg/Station
Navigate to: Houtveldweg/Station, Zaandam
Google maps location: CRQ6+3W Zaandam
Running times Friday: 17:45 – 02:00
Running times Saturday: 11:45 – 00:00


Make sure to buy your ticket in advance, because the prices will go up on the day of the event.

There is no parking availability in or around the venue. We strongly advise you to visit the venue by other means

If you do  want to park the car, we advise you to park with Q park hermitage. Via the links below, you can purchase your parking ticket.

After parking your car, you can take the shuttle bus to the festival site. See ‘shuttles – Q-park (Houtveldweg/Zaandam station) ’ for more information.

Get your shuttle ticket here:


Make sure to buy your ticket in advance, because the prices will go up on the day of the event.


Taxis and ubers can be found at the Cornelis Ouwejanstraat in Zaandam this is also the dropoff location.


Make sure to bring your ID and your ticket. The minimum age for the event is 18+. We cannot grant access to visitors younger than 18. Therefore it is important to take legal identification with you for security to check your age. You can scan your ticket through your phone.

As a standard procedure, all visitors and crew are thoroughly inspected. Visitors are not allowed to bring luggage and/or backpacks to the event. You are allowed to bring handbags to the event with a maximum size of A4 and 10 cm thickness. The safety of our visitors is always a high priority. In regard to recent developments worldwide, we are extra cautious with all procedures. We ask for your understanding in this.


Lockers are available in presale and at the venue. Lockers can be only bought cashless (by card) and in advance, online.

You can store your belongings in the lockers on location. There are medium (25x25x40cm) and large (25x35x40cm) lockers available for one or for two days.

Payment Methods

Secret Project Festival is cashless. No need to get tokens, you can just easily pay for your food/drinks directly at the counter.

You can pay by credit or debit card and pay by Maestro, Vpay, Mastercard or VISA. As you won’t need cash, there won’t be any ATM machines at the festival grounds.

Only brought cash? Please go to the cash card top up station at the information desk to get a prepaid pin card. This card is non refundable.


A party without music is like a carbonated drink without fizz. But going deaf, or having ringing in your ears that simply won’t go away, is a very sad memento of a good party. So go easy on your ears and be sure to wear ear plugs if the sound level exceeds 80 dB(A). Earplugs can be bought at the merchandise- and info stand.

Celebrate Safe

During Secret Project Festival we celebrate safely. When you (or your friend) are not feeling well, please visit our first aid team. The first aid team is your friend and are here to help you without judgement.

In addition to doing everything we can as an organization to create a safe environment, we also think it is important that you look out and take good care of yourself and others.

Any form of harassment is absolutely not tolerated and neither is violence. Inform the venue staff right away when you or someone else is in need of help.

If you are in doubt of a situation, ask the person ‘are you okay?’

Zero Tolerance

We have a zero tolerance policy and so discourage you to bring (soft)drugs to the event. If one of these is detected during visitation, you will be denied access to the event. Public use of drugs at the event also leads to removal. Please respect our regulations.

Lost & Found

Found items can be brought to the merchandise- and info stand, which can be found in the entrance hall. Have you lost something? During event you can check the merchandise- and info stand.


The festival will take place rain or shine. Please keep up-to-date on weather reports and plan your attire and preparations accordingly.

Food & Drinks

Food trucks are available and plenty of bars as well, all over the venue.

Semi-Professional Photo Equipment and Selfie Sticks

Bringing professional or semi-professional equipment to this event is strictly prohibited, unless agreed upon otherwise by means of an assigned press accreditation. Selfie sticks longer than 1 meter are prohibited as well. Normal digital or other cameras and GoPro cameras are permitted.


Please be aware of your valuable belongings and keep an eye out for pickpockets.


Still have some questions? Contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Beyond Wonderland SoCal
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  • 1 Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo Nothing Better
  • 2 Cut Snake Party Tutorial
  • 3 Dombresky & Tony Romera Girls Night Out
  • 4 Rell the Soundbender x Rawtek Baja
  • 5 Kayoh Muse
  • 6 Dead Critic & Drop Dead Call Me
  • 7 SLANDER & Basstrick Drop It
  • 8 GRiZ Wicked (Megalodon Remix)
  • 9 Jayceeoh & Clips x Ahoy Dancin On My Wrist
  • 10 LA Riots House Philosophy
  • 11 Craig Williams Everybody
  • 12 ATICA Speed Up
  • 13 Sinden & Marc Spence WTF
  • 14 Born Dirty & Jaw & Cassius High